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A friend and I have been doing virtual meetings where we hold each accountable for what we plan to do in the time and space allotted. While I usually play a musical instrument I was inspired by this friend to do art: friend mentioned if only they had acrylic paint which reminded me of a stock of paint I got prior that has long not been used. After offering this friend the paints I was inspired by this situation to break out the paints myself. I gradually looked around for something to paint on. First medium I found was paper plates. I thought, well how clever is that: easy to stack and easy to paint. Accessibility for paper plates is a non-issue and with the value in the expression rather than artificially hyped materials I will stick my ‘guns’ to just paper plates.

Hope you enjoy my abstract paintings. They usually form a concept after the creation which is why I consider these arts as conceptual: I always find deeper meaning as these creations work their way through me.


Jason P.